Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Share the Road

We attempted a family photo yesterday- got the camera all set up at the perfect height, sitting on the footrest of Jack's high chair. And this was the result. Haha.


I missed my long run on Sunday. We spent the morning hanging with Adam before he had to go to work and then before I knew it, Jack was ready for a nap. He slept for a couple hours, and we had a family party to go to in the afternoon so a run was a no-go.

I let Adam know ahead of time that I had to get in a long run on Monday. I was out of Gu, so I went to Women's Source for Sports to stock up. Enter my new love:

I ran 11 miles in the hot, noontime sun (never gonna do that again). I LOVED the chomps. The personalized doses are great and I just ended up taking one every mile or so. I also brought along my fuel belt and planned a stop at a water fountain half way into the run. I also love my fuel belt. It makes long runs so much more enjoyable by not having to worry about hydration. And I can also easily carry my phone, which makes me feel safer on long runs.

Side track... SHARE THE ROAD. My entire run was on bikepaths, except for a quarter mile stretch on Spear Street. Spear Street should not be a problem, though, because it has a very wide bike lane and is littered with bikers and runners all spring, summer and fall.

Here I am, running against the traffic, in the bike lane when I hear a vroom behind me. A car passed someone (there's no passing on Spear- double yellow line) in the opposite lane, so he swerved into the opposite lane (next to the bike lane I was in). I swear I felt his side mirror inch by me. I recognized the car, too. It's a young man whose mother lives next door to my mom. He is notorious for driving dangerously. I seriously want to call him and ask him if he realizes he almost made my son an orphan. It really pisses me off.

I'm sorry to rant, and I know I've said it before, but I am sick and tired of dangerous drivers. Please, let's make a conscious effort to be safe and alert drivers. It's really not that hard. Get off the cell phone and pay attention!


We spent the afternoon swimming at Grandma's pool. The water was a little chilly but the boys didn't mind it.

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  1. I like that picture a lot, it's real.
    I ride my bike to the gym here and the drivers at times are like you say, ridiculous. I've wondered if I should just drive.