Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy Leap Day! I'm sure none of you care, but here's a little tidbit that I'd thought I'd share because I thought it was neat: I was born on a Friday in a leap year, and this year my birthday (February 17) was on a Friday, and it is a leap year. Interesting?

I celebrated vacation by running in the middle of the day- it was glorious. I ran five miles on the treadmill, and it was the type of run that started off slow. I had to stop after one mile to use the bathroom, and then when I got back on it was hard to get going again. But, by the time I hit five miles I wasn't ready to stop. I guess this is why I love half marathons.

I know I'm crazy thinking about my next half marathon, but I am. A couple weeks ago I was talking to my soul sister about races. She is running her first full marathon this spring, and of course I announced I plan to run my first full next spring. I can't wait to cheer her on! I then decided that I'm going to run Leaf Peepers Half Marathon this October. First, Melissa told me I was crazy. Then she said she'd run it with me, and we'd run it for fun. I'm going to hold her to it. It's definitely a leap, but I think if I don't hold myself to any time goals, it can be accomplished.

We have a playdate with a coworker of mine and her three-year-old daughter today, and I'm hoping to get a run in, too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tubby Time

It's vacation week over here, and ah, it feels good. This morning we slept in until 7:30- the time we'd normally by on the road by, heading to school.

Yesterday, Adam and I took advantage of having a full day off together, by taking Jack swimming at the gym's splash pool. We were a little hesitant because lately he's developed a fear of the bathtub (more on that later) but he loved it. The pool was warm and shallow enough for him to stand. He was getting a little too brave for my liking, starting to dunk his head under the water by the end.

We went home for lunch and a nap and in the afternoon heading out for a snowy hike on some trails near our house. Burlington finally got (a little tiny bit) some snow. Jack took turns from being pulled in the sled, to walking, to being carried. It was a beautiful afternoon and I'm think we covered about two miles.


Starting about three weeks ago, Jack has been afraid of the tub. It takes two of us to get him in and it involves many, many screams and tears. Honestly, it sounds like we're torturing him. We think the fear started with an incident when Adam was giving him a bath, and turned on the shower (which Jack loved) but the water was freezing cold. After several attempts at tubby time over the last couple weeks, last night seemed to be a breakthrough. After a meltdown trying to get him in the tub and hysterical crying, I worked my improv skills and made up a story with his rubber ducks. It involved a mama duck and baby duck (named Jack) and it seemed to do the trick. Fingers crossed that this phase has passed.


It's coffee and milk time over here, going to try to get to the gym this morning. Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

20 Weeks

Operation: Nesting {Laundry Edition} is going well. It's reorganized, but I haven't bought new baskets yet, which it's in desperate need of, so it's not quite complete. I also organized all baby clothes by size and put them away (with newborn and three month size on top!) in labeled plastic bins.


Today marks the 20th week of pregnancy. I can't believe I'm at the halfway point. When I was going through baby clothes, I started to get really excited. Lately it's been the opposite- I've been anxiety ridden. Nervous that we won't be able to handle a second child, that Jack won't get the attention he needs, childcare, that our home is too small and we won't have enough room, etc. Anxious about anything and everything. Excitement is taking over, which is a welcome feeling. Each day I'm feeling more and more confident about Adam and I raising a second child.

As far as pregnancy ailments go, I'm feeling pretty good. Dry, itchy skin is driving me nuts, though. My skin was similar when I was pregant with Jack. I have limited willpower, especially at night, and when I scratch and scratch it just can't get any better. Ok, this is gross, sorry.

Weight gain is at nine pounds and I'm almost completely in maternity clothes. I'm still able to wear some of my non-maternity pants because I have the type of body type that causes a gap at the back of my waistband of pants- side effect of fitting my thick thighs and butt first, waist last. And because of this I've got a little extra room in my pants.

I'm definitely slowing down when it comes to running, having to take more walking breaks now. But I'm going to keep plugging away at it, though. Everything feels good while I'm running, and after, so I'm going to keep at it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Operation: Nesting

Any woman who has been pregnant knows that nesting is real. And when it hits, it hits hard. I'm currently in full-blown nesting overhaul-overload gear and no closet, drawer or shelf is safe. I need to remember to tackle ONE project at a time: I tend to start cleaning out drawers, organizing files, sorting the closet all at the same time, which just creates a huge mess. So, my first order of business is the laundry area.

Our townhouse is small, so it really is important to maximize the space we do have. Especially with another family member due to be joining us in 21 weeks.

The laundry area is no exception, and I think the space on the shelf above could be used so much better. But, thanks to Pinterest, it can't just be functional: it has to look pretty, too (Adam says I've spent more time "researching" how I'm going to organize than how long it will actually take).

So here's the before, and here's hoping that by this time next week I'll have an "after."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good and Bad

The good news is, I passed the glucose test! I'm still going to try to avoid sugar, because I was actually feeling better without it. I'll have to take the one hour glucose test again at 24 weeks, so here's hoping I can pass that one so I don't have to do the three hour test again.

The bad news is headaches. For the past few days I've been experiencing very painful headaches. I'm not one prone to headaches so I'm not really sure how to deal with it. They usually come on after lunch and last through the evening. The good news is that running actually makes it feel better. I got outside for a four mile run yesterday and it seemed to help. But right now, awful. A woman at work suggested some topic (I thinks that's the term) oils that she used while pregnant to treat her migraines, so I think I'll go to Lunaroma and get some.


I can't believe it's February. Looking back at January, I ran 65 miles. I'm feeling really good about this mileage- not too much, and not too little. I'm hoping to maintain that number this month.

Tomorrow I start teaching a new yoga class- a class for the staff at the school I work at. I'm a little nervous, though. I feel perfectly comfortable teaching at the gym to a room full of strangers, but to a room full of peers? A little scary.