Saturday, July 28, 2012


Here are some pictures of our busy summer before Alice arrived. Just wanted to share :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Almost} Two Weeks

Happy {almost} one two week(s), Miss Alice! I started this post last Friday, and here I am six days later writing it. Fingers crossed, the transition in our home with the addition of Alice has been pretty smooth. Jack is handling his new role as a big brother pretty well.

Tomorrow is my two week checkup with the midwives, and I'm anxious to get the okay to drive again. I don't plan on taking an major treks solo with Jack and Alice, but I'm more than ready to get out at least once during the day. Getting a little stir crazy over here.

On Monday we went for a super short walk- about 3/4 of a mile- that felt so nice. I can't wait to start incorporating more walks into our daily routine.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Welcome to the world, Alice Margaret

Alice joined us on Friday, July 13 and we couldn't feel more blessed. 8 pounds 8 ounces and 21 inches long,  she's perfect.

Monday, July 9, 2012


I miss yoga! I stopped teaching a couple weeks ago, teaching was becoming difficult. It wasn't really the poses that I was having a hard time with- it was talking while doing the poses at the same time. If I didn't have to say anything, I was fine. But talking- I'd be out of breath in no time. I put my gym membership on hold because I wasn't using it. I was planning on going to a local yoga studio for pre-natal classes, but those proved to be a huge let down. The actual asana portion of the class was great, but the teacher spends the first half an hour of the class as check-in. It was a time to let everyone in the class discuss what's going on in their pregnancies. I wasn't really down with paying $15 to listen other women who like to hear themselves talk.

So, where I'm going with this- my mom took some photos of me teaching teaching my last class (at least until I go back in the fall) and I wanted to share. I was a little reluctant for her to take photos at first, but I'm so glad she did!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's To Come

Is it possible to simultaneously feel ecstatic and sad about a single event? With the baby due any day now, my excitement and anticipation is bubbling over. I cannot wait to meet and bond with the newest member of our family (and find out if we should be buying pink or not). At the same time, I'm feeling nostalgic knowing that everything is going to change. Becoming pregnant with Jack was a (complete) surprise- but I never had that feeling of nervousness about adding a baby to our coupledom. I never felt the loss of it being "just the two of us." But now, the thought of going from a family of three to four scares me. Adam, Jack and I have an identifiable bond that will inevitably change. I've been trying to fit in as much special Jack time in these past couple of days and weeks as possible.

I'm so worried that he'll feel slighted once the baby arrives. We went to the beach with friends today, and after Jack and I went for ice cream- just the two of us. I couldn't help but feel sad knowing that pretty soon these one-on-one dates will be much less frequent. I'm sure the hormones of being just about 40 weeks pregnant are playing a role, but I feel so lucky for the connections we've made with Jack the 2 1/2 years he's been here. And really, I know things are only going to get better with the next baby Stoner.