Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rest Days

Week 4 of training included zero actually rest days, but I didn't go all out every day. I won't make this a habit, especially as miles ramp up, but my body is handling it well now. My back has been super tight and knotted in part due to sitting (incorrectly) at a desk all day, so I am exploring seeing a chiropractor for help. Running felt strong this week and I've started searching for a fall marathon! The logical side of me knows I should wait until VCM is over but I just can't help myself.

Monday: cardio core attack
Tuesday: 1 hour of spinning taught by Melissa!
Wednesday: 5 miles at lunch with my little running group. Average pace 9:43
Thursday: 4 miles of hill repeats with a friend at lunch. Average page 9:47
Friday: 6 miles on the treadmill in the evening. Average pace 10:17 - started slow and sped up throughout the course of the run.
Saturday: bodypump
Sunday: 11 mile long run! Felt strong, much better than the 9 miles two weeks ago. Average pace 10:07

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