Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Surviving the Taper

I've been neglecting this teeny, tiny corner of the internet for quite a while now. 18 weeks of training, 528 miles, 37 hours of cross-training, and a shiny new half marathon PR (1:56!!!) later, I've reached the taper for my next marathon and all of the typical scenarios are running through my head. Did I run enough? Have I fueled properly? What if I bonk? What if my time is slower than my first? I am trying to remember that from here on out, everything is out of my control. I can't control the weather. Pushing my five miler this morning is not going to make me faster. Don't worry about other runners - I'm not going to win, ha. I'm trying to focus on the fact I have two legs that get to run 26.2 miles through my hometown in less than two weeks. I've covered the full marathon course several times over the years either by doing the half or a five person relay, but this time it's all me. I have an amazing mom who rocked her training and will be running her first 26.2. I am so insanely proud of her. And here I go getting teary eyed. So there it is, I'm doing my best to let go. I of course will still be stalking and debating what to wear, but I'm ready to enjoy the ride.

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