Sunday, December 8, 2013


Whenever the weekend rolls around, I have a hard time finding the right balance between being lazy and productive. The "getting stuff done" includes the ambition to actually leave the house.

With several activities planned this weekend I knew I would need to pace myself so I wouldn't be tempted to skip and stay home in yoga pants. The weekend started off right yesterday with a seven mile run with Jack and Alice. Thanks to a great run the entire day felt so much more calm and manageable. It's amazing the power of a run. But the day still ended with yoga pants.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First Run Post Daylight

Last year for Christmas, my mom gave me a headlamp for early morning and evening runs. It's actually a surprising gift since the thought of me running alone in the dark makes her very nervous. Up until today, I had never used it! I decided to test it out today on a late afternoon run. Because it gets dark so early, it was perfect. I had daylight for the first half and by the time I was finished it was pitch black. I ran 6 miles with an average pace of 9:40. Miles in the 9s have become the norm which makes me very happy! (Did I tell you I PRd in the half a few weeks ago?!? 2:04!) I have actually gained ten pounds, and no it's not muscle, since the marathon. I know once that comes off I will see more progress.

The kiddos are doing great! We're on Day 3 of putting them both to bed at the same time, which is amazing (they share a room). I miss the one-on-one time with Jack that we'd have after Alice goes to bed, but we'll save that for the weekends now.

They are so damn cute. And I can't stop buying Alice clothes. The choices at babyGap are unbelievable! Better than the women's selection.