Thursday, January 30, 2014

Goodbye January

I'm so ready to bid farewell to January. New Years Day, Alice and I came down with a nasty stomach bug and every day since then at least one member in the household has been sick. The latest round included Jack's ear infection, a cold and teething for Alice, flu for Adam, and more stomach bugs for me. What the?? I've managed to not let it cramp my style too much in terms of training so here's what week 1 (eek!) of marathon training looked like.

Monday: 3 miles + 90 mins vinyasa yoga
Tuesday: Fitness Infusion class
Wednesday: 5 treadmill miles
Thursday: Kickboxing
Friday: Rest 
*taught yoga at work, still calling it a rest day.
Saturday: 5 cold ass windy miles
Sunday: 8 evening treadmill miles

21 running miles + 4 cross training

Fridays will be my rest days even, though I teach yoga. It's pretty low key so I think it works. Plus I have a few Fridays off coming up so there's that. I'm taking advantage if swapping out some easier 3 milers with cardio-based classes at work for now. I know in a few weeks I'll need to focus on purely running - a ton of it - and I'm hoping this strategy will give me a strong base.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fitness Infusion

I stepped out of my comfort zone today and took a class called Fitness Infusion. It was a combination of intervals, like Tabata, and strengthening moves. It was really fun and I hope to incorporate it into my regular routine.

Back at home, we've been struck with the stomach bug twice already and then this weekend came through again for Adam and Jack. I'm hopeful we are over the hump and everyone can get healthy again. And that Alice and I stay clear - we  had it the first round a couple weeks ago. Sick nights means cartoons in bed. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Training Cycle Day One

Today marks the first official day of training for my second marathon! It was pretty uneventful with a chilly and snowy 3 mile run around town at lunch time. I switched today's and tomorrow's plans since tomorrow's high temp is supposed to be 4 and I'm trying to avoid the treadmill as much as possible. 

I surprised myself and actually did 90 minutes of vinyasa yoga at home with the lights low and my favorite music on. It was incredibly relaxing and nice to spend as much time working on Astra Bakasana as I wanted. Here's to 18 weeks of healthy marathon training!